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how do you do the photo's?

how do you do the photo's?

How do you put photo's on the actual message because I have only mannaged to put photo's in the photo gallary. Could you look in there?


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Hi Class,

What is a moshpit? It sounds kinda wierd. Have ya finished Granny? What book are ya reading now?
Thanks for the names. They're really handy!!

Guess What? You guys have a letter coming in the post. You will probably get in about 8-10 days time.

Will, Bubble, squeak and my mum drove all the way to Oxford yesterday! It took them 3 hours because we are staying at my nanna and Granddads house and they live quite a long way away about 1 hour and a quater away from London. They went because they were going to veiw a house. When they got back, Mum told me what the house looked like. It's got a huge garden a an enormous garden deck. It sounds lovely and big and we but some money down on it so no-one else can rent it out. Yet.
Abbey and Celete can explain it. If they want to! They dont have to.

Lovely to here from you.

Talk soon,


P.S I will try and send photo's soon...

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and one more name

And Millie

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Hello Evie!!!!

Hi Evie,
On Tuesday we went to School of Rock, it was awesome and there was a mosh pit. We are doing our G.A.P presentations today, we wish that you were here to see them. Yesterday the police band came and played, Nicolaas' dad is in the band, he plays the trombone. They were fantastic. Everyone danced, even the teachers had to get up and do the nut bush. We asked for an encore, sadly they had to finish. Also, we have made our own juggling balls and have been practicing our juggling skills. Will give the address to Pam for the DVD.
The builders have set up at the school and have started demolishing and building. There is hardly any room in the playground anymore. If you are playing outside, you can get stuck in the grass area. It will be great when it's finished though.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
The class.

PS here is the list of names:

Jemma, Celeste, Ruby, Harriet, Indi S, Mila, Lucinda, Nicolaas, Luka, Tom, Indi J-B, Abbey, Caragh, Finn, Anna, Aruna, Ryan, Ari, Bill, Jamil, Gaelan, Cori, Cam and Mabel.

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School of Rock

tell pam please


could you please tell Pam this address so she can send me the school of Rock D.V.D,

209 Hadleigh Road


Essex SS9 2LR




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