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Hello Evie!!!!

Great to hear from you! We all miss you lots!
We did hip hop dance yesterday and it was really fun. We are doing this instead of swimming and lots of activities. Gaelan just got back right now from overseas.
What high school are you going to go to?
I'll send you a list of everyone's names a bit later.
Better get to work now, look forward to hearing from you soon.
Tristan's class

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Fun, Fun, Fun

lot's of fun


Hi class,

How are you all?

I am in Oxford at the moment in a library using one of there computers and it's free!
I am staying in a cottage 30 minutes out of Oxford in a house called Little Langly. And it sounds as beautiful as it's name!!!!!
There are 2 fields around us. One is directly oppisite us and one is next to us and behind us as well. The 1st one has Cows and Bulls (we're not allowed in that field) And the 2nd one has sheep, we're allowed in this one but we have to mind the poop.

Our plane trip was okay. I watched: The new film of Diary of a Wimpy Kid,(have any of you guys wached it yet, if so, who?) Alice in Wonderland (by Tim Burton.),The Simpsons and Moden Family. All, of these were great!!
I also played a few games.

What have you been doing at school?

Could I have a list of everyone's names in the class please?

You will recive something from the post soon.

C Ya,


P.S is overcast today but still warm But it have been very hot the past few days!

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As always


Hi Guys,

When you get this will it be the first day back for term 3?



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We are here


sunny -31 °C

Hi class and everybody,

I arrived in London Saturday morning for you and Friday night for me.
We are going to Oxford on Wednesday to look for houses and Secondary schools and Primary Schools.

Hope you are having fun without me,


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nearly ready

see ya


the packers r here right now and Me and Indi are about to go to the park for a play then to Cafe quince for lunch with Ruby and Bella.

WE will be in London tomorrow!!!!!

Love from,


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