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Nanna and Grandad's house

having SOME fun...

sunny 20 °C

Hi Class and everyone else,

I am having an alright time at my nanna and Grandad's house it is only alright because I don't have any other kids to play with except Will and Bubble and Squeak, who get a bit boring after a while.

Please send me some photo's soon!


Miss you lot's


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how r u?

how r u?
life here in australia is good apart from that it is cold. it is probably one of the coldest winters we have had for a while.
the website i have made is hopeless so u shouldn't use it.
some time we should skype even though u don't have a computer.
does the internet cafe or the library have skype?
if it does please send it to everybody
lots of love

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hi evie,
life is good here how about there?
what have you been up to?
love from
p.s i know i didnt send you much its just that i dont know what to talk about.

p.p.s SORRY!

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hi evie

hi Evie,
it is Ruby how r u?
we all really miss.
write back soon.
from Ruby
p.s we should talk on skype soon.

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hi evie havent spoke to you in a long time was wondering if you could still email me like you promised to. we all miss you sssoooooo much. you are going to miss out on the G.A.P presentation it is going to be really fun. and i am not being sicastic. the other day mila found one of your sticker thing that was on you chair, mila said "oh my god it is evies writing i have to frame it". it was sooo funny. so bye.

love from
indi sheehan (as you know)
p.s we love you

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